Take the steps you want towards a stronger self, in your own time.

Kia kaha tōnu

Melon Information

Melon is a free app to help you through difficult times and improve your overall wellbeing.

When you are enrolled in a Piki service, you will automatically have access to resources and tools to support your needs.


Develop skills and techniques at your own pace, to help you manage your emotional wellbeing.


Awareness skills and other techniques to help you manage your emotions, cope during a crisis and get through stress and pain. Choose from a range of topics and learn new skills. Read or watch in your own time.


Need some extra support? Chat with a coach through the app to help guide you to helpful resources.

Online Community

Connect anonymously with others who understand what you’re going through and share experiences and tips with each other. Get support and give support too.


Keep track of things like your mood, sleep, energy and see your progress over time. Identify patterns, what’s working for you and things you want to change.

How to join?

Once you’re signed up to a Piki service, you will automatically receive an email from Melon with a link to set your password.

Melon is a core part of the Piki service and will continually be improved as we get feedback from you.

Melon Images

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