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About Piki

Piki’s vision is to enhance young people’s quality of life by equipping them with tools to overcome adversity and strengthen their wellbeing.

Piki is available to young people aged 18-25 living in the Greater Wellington region.

Piki is a Māori word meaning both to support or aid, and to climb or ascend.

Piki offers free access to:

 Easy and personalised access to therapy at a convenient place and time 
 An emotional wellness app that helps you access support and track your progress
Links to 24/7 support through phone and web services
Trained peer support coaches.

The Piki programme is funded by the Ministry of Health and brought together by a consortium of organisations including:

Tū Ora Compass Health
Otago University
Victoria University of Wellington
Massey University
Melon Health
Homecare Medical
Te Awakairangi Health Network


Piki is being independently evaluated by Otago University researchers. 



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