Peer Support

About PeerZone Piki peer support

PeerZone provides the peer support for Piki

What is peer support?

Peer support happens when people with similar experiences work through their life challenges in a mutual way. A peer support relationship makes it easy to build trust, to share experiences and to understand there is a way through mental distress. Our peer supporters are trained, youth-friendly and have experienced mental distress themselves.

One-to-one peer support

PeerZone provides one-to-one peer support for up to 10 sessions for one hour per week. The participant can discuss what is on their mind and the changes they want in their lives with their peer supporter.

Group peer support

Peer Zone also provides peer support group workshops which run in bundles of 2-3 topics over 4 weeks. Participants can sign up to the bundle that has the topics that they are most interested in. Click here to register your interest in group peer support.

How we work

The role of peer supporters in both one-to-one and group settings is to:

  • Build trust quickly through shared experience.
  • Be exposed to role models for hope and wellbeing.
  • Share knowledge and solutions based on lived experience.

How to access Piki peer support

Click the Get Support button, fill in the enrolment form and indicate you'd like Peer Support. 

More Information

See the PeerZone video on peer support.

Contact PeerZone: Email or phone or text 020 401 01258